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Are your finances disaster proof?

This is a good summary of how you can look to ensure you want be financially ruined when disaster strikes.  With earthquakes, storms and floods all taking there toll in NZ, we are all at risk to some degree.  If you are not sure if your finances are disaster proof, then talk to one of our advisers who can prepare you a personal insurance to make sure they are!  ARTICLE

Who can you Trust with your Trust?

This is a great article on how important Estate Planning really is.  Getting the right outcomes for your family after you die is important and taking the time to figure out what to do and how best to do it is well worth the effort.  If you want helping in starting the Planning Process then we can help.  NZ HERALD ARTICLE

Don’t take your passwords to the grave.

Most people when planning for their unexpected death cover off a couple of things.  1. Life insurance to pay any debts or costs.  2. Plan the funeral arrangements and who gets what assets.  Unfortunately this can missing out some big items such as what happens to your bank accounts, online accounts and other memberships.  Who knows what you pay and to whom?  Sitting down with your nearest and dearest and going through what would happen after your death and who needs to do what to tidy up your affairs could go along way to saving heart and head aches for …Read More