Personal Insurance Plans

Sometimes in life, events happen that you plan for like getting a job, long term relationships, having a family.

Then there are the unexpected events such as untimely death, illness or injury.  These unexpected events can have a devastating affect on your families financial future.  A Personal Insurance Plan is designed to help you decide how best to manage the unexpected insurable events.

The process is a simple 3 step process;


Step 1 – We meet and find out about you and your current situation and discuss your needs based on the main insurable events.

The main insurable events are;

Life Insurance – The purpose is to ensure you provide those important to you with financial stability in the event of your death. This is an area where you do not want to compromise!

Critical Conditions or Trauma Insurance – A heart attack or serious disease such as cancer are very traumatic events and you don’t need the burden of financial hardship on top of your recovery.

Income Cover – For most of us ‘income generation’ is our main daily focus and this alone provides our lifestyle opportunities. Protecting your income if an unexpected illness or injury occurs means you can maintain financial stability to recover and return to the lifestyle you and your family enjoy.

Mortgage Protection – You can protect your family home and peace of mind quite simply by taking out Mortgage Protection Insurance. We understand that your family home is extremely important and we can assist you to ensure your mortgage repayments can be met come what may.

Medical Insurance – The reality is that no-one knows when a health problem may appear or how it will impact on our lifestyles and earning abilities. Health insurance is there to protect you against the unpredictable variations in your health costs and we’re here to find the right policy to do just that!


Step 2 – We provide an assessment of your insurance needs that we can then discuss and you can agree how best to proceed.


Step 3 – We will help you implement any new insurance and/or alter any existing insurance so the you have a Personal Insurance Plan that works for you!


Once you have a plan we can the review the plan in the future to make sure it keeps up with changes in your life.

Insurance is a bit like a fire extinguisher, you hope you never need to use it but when you do need it it is great to have on hand!

Insurance Premium Checks

Life insurance companies change their products and pricing at least every 2 years so it pays to check that your current premium is competitive. We will provide a free, written assessment of your premium to ensure it is relevant. There’s no strings & no requirement to buy anything.

Existing Policy Reviews

Understanding what risks you and your family face and describing for you how best to deal with those risks is our speciality. Following a simple process, we can provide a written report outlining your risks and our recommendations for addressing those risks.

Employee Benefit Schemes

Many employers offer health & life insurance benefits to staff. We help domestic and international clients achieve global parity in employee benefit packages

Claims Management Service

Making a claim is, strangely, the best part about buying insurance. Your policy now needs to stand up and deliver. We help manage our client’s claims; agitating and advocating for the best result with the insurance company. Even if you’re not a client and you’d like some help with a current claim, feel free to contact us.